Nan Indah

Orked in Soft Yellow


or 3 payments of MYR106.33 with


Modern Kurung

A modern Kurung, Inspired by most of our favourite past, Mandarin collar neck finished with light lace followed with pleats coming from the neckline to the bust of the top, Bubbling shoulder gives shape to the user and balloon sleeves with cupped wrist finishes it nice and cute, a perfect match with the small floral prints that decorates the whole garment. The skirt features a clean front fold design that keeps the Orked just right and classy 


  • Lightweight cotton, Floral print base, lace neck hole
  • sbubble shoulder adds shape and balooning sleeve making the finishing touch
  • mini floral prints that are known to give a familiar classic aesthetic class


  • front fold skirt, pursuing the clean look on the front. elegantly simple
  • Consistent floral pattern with top