Nan Indah

Kuntum in Mauve


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Kurung Kedah

The comfortable and cute vibe of Kuntum comes from Kurung kedah roots, The combo of Gingham checks and kurung kedah was a tribute to our malay roots, but with a touch floral embroidery of our theme this year. Cute, Simple and playful was the idea. The gingham colors, Blue-grey &*Mauve adds muted tones that fits well with the choice of floral embroidery, Paired with skirt that is clean and ever-so-simple.a quick wardrobe choice for you. 


  • Lightweight cotton, gingham  base with embroidded details
  • Loose fit, ease of movements and airy 
  • unique embroidery  around


  • Front fold skirt, pursuing the cute look. 
  • Consistent floral pattern embroidery with top.